Is your fur looking old and haggard? Has it fallen into bad condition and can you see it getting worse over time? Many furs struggle through the heat of the summer if they don’t go into cold storage. If your fur has broken down and shown signs of old age, it might be time to […]

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The Man-Fur

June 14, 2010

Mens fur coats are extraordinarily fashionable. Anyone can tell you so. Who says that the luxury and mystique of fur should only be for women? Man-furs as they are sometimes called, are very popular because they are so warm. Many men view wearing fur as a noble symbol dating back to the kings of Europe. […]

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Wearing My Fur

June 7, 2010

When it’s cold outside, and I really want to warm up, I think about fur coats. Then I go to the closet and look at my mink fur coats, and choose one to wear. Slowly lifting it off the hanger, making sure that each side is delicately removed, I feel the thick, soft fur. Dense […]

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Ladies love fur coats, and the majority of the fur market is geared toward female fashions but that doesn’t mean that men are completely left out. There are tons of sleek, stylish and refined fur coats available for men and they come in a wide variety of styles, cuts, colors, and fur types to suit […]

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Fur coats are gorgeous and luxurious enough on their own, but if you really want to take your look to the next level, accessories are a must. In addition to looking good with mink fur coats, fur accessories can look great without a fur coat. They add the perfect touch of elegance to whatever you […]

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Reversible Fur Coats

May 10, 2010

For the most practical fur coats, you should definitely go reversible. Reversible fur coats are great because it’s double the style, but for half the price! Have you ever had a hard time deciding between two items in a store? You can only buy one, but they both look great. Well, you can get the […]

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Mother’s Day is May 9. Chances are that if you didn’t already know that, you forgot to get your mom a gift last year, or if you did get her one, it was late. Well this year you can really redeem yourself and treat her to something extra special. A mink coat! Fur coats are […]

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When you invest in a fur, it’s important to take care of your investment. Here are a few tidbits for how to ensure that your fur lasts forever. Fur is very sensitive to heat and light. When you’re not wearing your fur, you want to store it in a cloth bag that is open at […]

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Here is some information about the animals that give us mink fur coats and fox fur coats. These mammals are found in most temperate parts of the world and to cope with harsh winters, often have dense, thick fur. Fox is a beautiful fur that comes in a wide array of colors. The white fox […]

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The History of Fur

April 12, 2010

Fur has long stood as one of the best ways to keep warm. Animals are naturally blessed with coats of thick hair. To utilize the entire animal after a hunting party, the hides of the animals were used. (Valium) Our ancestors understood the importance of not wasting any part of the animal and consequently tied […]

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