Time for something Fur!

April 20, 2021

Designers Predict Fancy Dresses for Fall Season 2021 After a year of unutterable dullness in the fashion world, with fashion shows at a standstill and the design trades forced to hibernate together with the rest of the world, a huge desire for a show of color and vibrancy is bursting out, ready to explode onto […]

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In today’s world of Zooming, comfort is the only consideration when getting dressed.  Sweatpants and hoodies have become the ultimate uniform of the world. It is interesting to note that in the political climate of activism that we see everywhere from articles in fashion magazines to Golden Globe awards, where individuality and diversity are acclaimed […]

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Why Do Men Wear Fur?

February 9, 2021

Men’s Fur Coats and Jackets – Discover the pleasure If you are a man, a regular guy, you might be wondering “Why would I wear a fur?”.  A Man’s fur coat or jacket is the right choice because: It’s toasty warm. You don’t have to freeze all winter. It doesn’t make you less of a […]

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Nothing compares to fur in Winter I recently read an article where a woman bemoans life in New York City since the pandemic, and how much she misses the life she had before we were all struck with its many restrictions. In addition, she misses wearing the clothes that she has stored in her closet. […]

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Cashmere Coats from Madison Avenue Malls Lately I look around when I go out on the street and my heart sinks. If I am lucky enough to spot another human being, he or she is invariably muffled up in a bulky down coat or something that looks like a quilt cover. You can’t tell if […]

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Fur is naturally resilient and long lasting. With proper care, a fur garment will remain functional and beautiful for many years. Natural fur is: Durable Reusable Recyclable   At a time when the true ecological cost of mass produced fashion is just beginning to be calculated – think millions of tons of poor quality garments […]

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When it comes to keeping warm in winter, nothing can compare with beautiful genuine fur and luxurious cashmere garments.  You will love stepping out in winter weather when you are wearing the real deal, nothing will ever compare to the comfort and the warmth of wearing cashmere or real fur. With various styles available for […]

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Packing for a holiday can be quite exhausting as we start putting aside the various outfits we think we will need, for the time we are away. I know from my own experience, I usually start weeks before my departure date, making sure that I have everything I need to look my best and feel […]

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  When it comes to keeping warm, it does not matter what part of the world you live in, it always makes sense to have quality Cashmere garments in your wardrobe. Today, many of us travel interstate and overseas for business and for pleasure. A few hours on a flight can take us from a […]

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Natural fur coats are without a doubt, a very valuable addition to any wardrobe, not only are they a very practical garment we can wear to protect us against harsh winter conditions, fur coats are also extremely comfortable to wear. The soft touch of fur against our skin is a simple pleasure that cannot be […]

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